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Tags : Face portrait woman wink
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 1001788 tonick
Sun 26th Oct, 2008
love your work...nice style
Image 1003794 Rachel
Wed 15th Oct, 2008
This is brilliant! Although, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that woman needs to see a dermatologist. That is a very huge colour pallette you have used, and you have pulled it off extremely well.
Image 483994 Julie Teel
Mon 21st Jul, 2008
a delıght to watch INDEED !a stunnıng use of colours&strokes !
Image 421570 Anonymous
Sun 6th Jul, 2008
I don't have words that can describe how great this is O_o The colours are so gorgeous! And even though there are so many colours the skin still looks belivable!
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Thu 3rd Jul, 2008
Absolutely stunning!!! Wooww....this goes into my faves Now. o_o;;;; Amazzinngg...I could just go one and on about this image, and your talent. :O
Image 1001891 Mia
Sat 9th Feb, 2008
your drawing is beautiful and radiating !definitely one of the bests i've seen here...maybe the best !!!! (thank you for your nice comment a long,long time ago!)
Image 562480 Mitico meschino
Thu 31st Jan, 2008
Your are an personal compliments...
Image 463283 Graham Hannah
Wed 30th Jan, 2008
Super! - lovely layering of the colours to build depth - Super.
Image 479239 Joseph Gootee-Schafers
Wed 30th Jan, 2008
WOWthis is truly amazing. Ilove how you fit so many colors into it. It is a really remarkable piece.
Image 371971 Kim Vincent
Sat 26th Jan, 2008
Thanks for your lovely comment - I love yours - the colors and textures of the skin are marvelous.
Image 1001631 andalicesays
Sun 20th Jan, 2008
The colours are gorgeous, especially on the eye and cheek. It makes me really nostalgic for some reason and i can't figure out why >
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Thu 17th Jan, 2008
I love what you've done with light! This is beautiful :)
Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Wed 16th Jan, 2008
I love the colours in this - they go together beautifully
Image 408825 Omer Goth
Wed 16th Jan, 2008
Absolutely amazing every line is pertinent to the whole picture and it is beautiful
Image 367200 Anonymous
Mon 14th Jan, 2008
Absolutely beautiful. I love the unexpected use of color for shading.
Image 461668 Anders Andersson
Sun 13th Jan, 2008
Image 420047 Anders Andersson
Sun 13th Jan, 2008
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Fri 11th Jan, 2008
Wow. This is amazing. I love it.
Image 383235 Claire C Smith
Thu 3rd Jan, 2008
Maria , this is incredible! Your are very talented.
Image 464771 Jan Patterson
Wed 2nd Jan, 2008
That's amazing use of colours to create shadows. o_o

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