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the face

aww...look at those eyes.------- PRESS PLAY------- try drawing with a mouse =/
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 1001113 josefin
Wed 18th Jun, 2008
adoreble! :D
Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Tue 8th Apr, 2008
i lufff him ^____^
Image 639207 Lubos Bakyta
Fri 4th Apr, 2008
Image 527172 Asma Kausar
Fri 4th Apr, 2008
Love the playback, the character is so cute.
Image 576752 Alexa A
Thu 7th Feb, 2008
I Loooove it .. cutest thing ever!
Image 1001209 Ellen de Waal
Mon 22nd Oct, 2007
Thank you for your compliment. I loved your animation! +1 grts EL
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Wed 10th Oct, 2007
Hi Nadia, thanks for the comments on my new pics. The upgrade means that ordinary members can add 5 pics so get cracking he, he. Cheers Mark : )
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Wed 26th Sep, 2007
LOL I looove the playback, its so entertaining! The frog is funny. XD Very cute. +1
Image 479134 SoL Savoretti
Wed 26th Sep, 2007
Thanks for commenting on my pic!! :) Why does this guy end up so sad?? :((
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Mon 24th Sep, 2007
mine take a while? it is nothing when compared to ur piece. i still love it.. ur little cute character has still have a hold on my softness lol
Image 584811 Gwennie
Mon 24th Sep, 2007
This is excellent! The playback is really nifty, not to mention that the little guy there is adorable.
Image 392852 Joe Bloww
Tue 18th Sep, 2007
this is a riot!
Image 546360 Emma Hicks
Wed 12th Sep, 2007
so cute
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Mon 10th Sep, 2007
Thanks for your comment, I love your cute playback! +1
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Mon 10th Sep, 2007
Hi Nadia, thanks for the kind comment, I still have a lot to learn about drawing but I'm gonna stick with it. I like the stuff on your Dev link and the lighthouse is particularly impressive. Still love the playback on this one as well, really cute. Cheers Mark :0)
Image 383235 Claire C Smith
Sun 2nd Sep, 2007
Nadia, this is great! Very clever to say the least...
Image 1000901 alex
Sat 1st Sep, 2007
haha :)) it's so cute :D great square! +1
Image 533654 Lam Lam Yeung
Fri 31st Aug, 2007
fun playback!! I love it
Image 523913 Erik Feltes
Fri 24th Aug, 2007
The Picture rocks, or rather the fifty thousand variations rock.
Image 578427 D B
Thu 16th Aug, 2007
This is so fun to watch. Great imagination.

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