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st.augustine lighthouse

i know its bad,,,ill fix it when im in the mood =(
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Sat 5th Apr, 2008
This is cool!
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Sat 15th Dec, 2007
*picks the screen*
Image 527223 Bobbi-lee Richmond
Wed 7th Nov, 2007
this is really good. cant wait to see it finished.
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Thu 18th Oct, 2007
Hi Nadia, Have you lost the motivation on this one at the moment? What you have so far is a real good start so hopefully you'll get the inspiration to finish it off. It can be difficult sometimes to be in the right mood to continue with something that you have half finished. Stick with it and I know it will be good :o) Cheers Mark

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