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Give Us A Hug!

Teddy Time:o)
Tags : Bear Teddy Teddybear Toy Cute
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Tue 26th Aug, 2008
Awww - cute!
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Tue 18th Sep, 2007
awww.. *gushes* so adorable.. i love
Image 515913 Rebecca Salame
Thu 19th Apr, 2007
Treacly! I have my own Mr.Bear, his first name is AG! This reminds me of him, touching!
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Sun 8th Apr, 2007
Great! -Jason
Image 483961 Tracey Eastley
Thu 15th Feb, 2007
So cute. Big *hugs* to all :)
Image 500028 Judith H.
Tue 13th Feb, 2007
It's great, I really love it. The yellow is great!
Image 541566 Lesley Tooze
Sun 28th Jan, 2007
He's adorable! That bear deserves hugs!
Image 437671 David Gauer
Sat 27th Jan, 2007
I have a soft spot for bears. I can't help smiling when I see your square. I love it!
Image 368796 Stephanie Gauer
Sat 27th Jan, 2007
That is the sweetest bear! I love him!!
Image 394409 Adriana Ionescu
Thu 18th Jan, 2007
Image 479140 Fabiola Marchant
Mon 15th Jan, 2007
sweeeet! love it ^_^
Image 463262 Alexa Pederson
Sun 14th Jan, 2007
Image 483998 J West
Sun 14th Jan, 2007
Ear, nice to see you're bearing up. Grooooooaan. ;D
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Fri 22nd Dec, 2006
This is so perfectly adorable. I like the layout :)
Image 555997 Liza Dolgova
Fri 22nd Dec, 2006
Image 487178 Julia DiMauro
Sat 25th Nov, 2006
I love this. It's so sweet, and I like how you just showed part of it's head.
Image 413595 Matthew Williams
Fri 24th Nov, 2006
Cute n' simple. Its really nice.

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