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F Carlo Alberto Ferraris

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Identity comes only from Diversity

"Why do we travel? What are we looking for? Identity comes only from Diversity" Therefore we travel. A Work in Progress by CAFxX.
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 488818 Kenny McKellar
Sun 10th Feb, 2008
Nice image and good questions. Great job.
Image 536783 Kimberly Li
Sun 26th Aug, 2007
wow beautiful picture and message! great great job! :D
Image 475943 Yeung Ying Ying
Fri 25th May, 2007
good work!!
Image 424786 Karleen Alvord
Wed 9th May, 2007
Its beautiful!
Image 459939 Joe Montgomery
Tue 8th May, 2007
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Fri 6th Apr, 2007
Good one! -Jason
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Sat 24th Mar, 2007
I love how you did this; it's very awesome!
Image 612027 Alisha .L
Wed 14th Mar, 2007
oohhh mysterious.. good job on the colors and fading on the words. Luff it.
Image 623169 Chris Cooper
Sun 4th Feb, 2007
My answer to your question: I read an article once that emphasised the value of travelling in its ability to generate artistic inspiration. sitting on the train is like having a shower - you always have the best ideas.
Image 517561 Sean Shingleton
Fri 2nd Feb, 2007
Cool , great image. Great work.
Image 541566 Lesley Tooze
Thu 1st Feb, 2007
Love how you made this and the whole thing is fabulous!
Image 381636 Dear World: A Short Animation
Thu 1st Feb, 2007
this is.. wow... i thought i was looking at a real photograph! fantastic job!
Image 372011 Morgan Blahh
Tue 30th Jan, 2007
thats pretty spiffy
Image 437671 David Gauer
Mon 29th Jan, 2007
Cool technique--working with light washes over letters. Bravo, it makes a sweet image.
Image 618438 Klissa 666
Mon 29th Jan, 2007
Image 436054 Erica Pederson
Sun 28th Jan, 2007
wow for a wip this is amazing! cool message i really enjoy this square
Image 584811 Kelley Thorne
Thu 25th Jan, 2007
This is absolutely amazing! I love spacescapes, and this is one of the best I've seen in a long time! The colors are vivid, warm, and unique; it's a change from the pure black backgrounds that turn up most of the time. :)
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Mon 22nd Jan, 2007
wow.. this is excellent.. well made.. i love how this resembles a photograph or a snap shot featured on NASA's website. and i reckon the words are well done.
Image 546390 Levente Dojcsak
Sun 21st Jan, 2007
Not sure I agree, but very interesting either way and a very cool picture!
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Mon 15th Jan, 2007
Great to see you on YouTube! I love your square, the colors, and your message is thought-provoking. However, I think there are too many who do not like to travel (identity coming from herd mentality). I think we explore space to conquer. hehe - there's certainly more to it, but that's for another conversation.

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