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et toi...

que deviens tu ?
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Fri 19th Sep, 2008
Kind of eerie but very well done
Image 483994 Julie Teel
Mon 28th Jul, 2008
has a sexy alıen feel ....
Image 562480 Mitico Meschino
Tue 26th Feb, 2008
Hi Olivier...very very good...compliments...i like it very much...+1 for
Image 1002282 Jean Zakarauskas
Sun 20th Jan, 2008
Tu as du talent. Et ce n'est pas seulement au niveau de la technique, beaucoup de mystère dans ces yeux. Bravo!
Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Sun 16th Dec, 2007
very interesting. wow
Image 479239 Joseph Gootee-Schafers
Sat 8th Dec, 2007
Amazing picture, I love how you use so many colors, but you still retain a grey grungy(is that the word?) sort of look. It has a neo gothic/ impressionist flavor with a dash of something I've never seen before. You are an inspiration. Excellent work!
Image 1001788 tonick
Sun 25th Nov, 2007
awesome!...very very impresive...this would be one of my favorite!...
Image 1001548 Joanne Vickers
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007
I love the colours in this, very atmospheric! I like that you've left it unblended too, it gives it an impressionist look.
Image 559215 Daniel Alekow
Wed 31st Oct, 2007
Ah, Trés bien, this is really nice work, that face has such an interesting, questioning look, and I quite like the low-opaque strokes. well done =)
Image 1001190 shahtoosh
Sun 21st Oct, 2007
Bonjour! hehe, thx for ur comment. This is awesome one. u use two ways to do this pic.I like it! : )
Image 556010 Nadine Johnstone
Wed 17th Oct, 2007
this is beautiful!
Image 570421 Debora Trachelio
Tue 16th Oct, 2007
very nice, Beautiful!
Image 421570 Anonymous
Thu 4th Oct, 2007
It's nice how you used many colours, but it still looks almost grey. Beautiful!
Image 595985 John Donatz
Wed 3rd Oct, 2007
wow, cold. this portrait reminds me of the queen from The Chronicles Of Narnia. impressive
Image 1001168 Keith L.
Thu 27th Sep, 2007
Image 1001189 Anonymous
Tue 25th Sep, 2007
NO WAY! This is beautifull! This drawing should be in a museum!
Image 1001128 jilmary
Mon 24th Sep, 2007
Image 592825 Christy Mustari
Sun 16th Sep, 2007
very nice palette... love the playback as well, your style is interesting
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Sat 18th Aug, 2007
This is so absolutely beautiful... wow - those eyes!
Image 543130 Leszek Pietrzak
Wed 8th Aug, 2007
Stunning :)

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