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hm i think its done... is it? neways, it says 'smile,inc!'
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Wed 15th Oct, 2008
So cute! I love the style
Image 391195 Puppy Lover
Sat 19th May, 2007
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Sun 1st Apr, 2007
Nice square! -Jason
Image 568852 Rachael Cohen
Sun 18th Mar, 2007
Image 448815 Rafaella Ryon
Mon 12th Mar, 2007
Kawaii! =)
Image 418428 Christina S.
Sat 10th Mar, 2007
Oh wow! I love the colors you used here! They look gorgeous together :D So cute c: Great job!
Image 541566 Lesley Tooze
Mon 19th Feb, 2007
This is fabulous! There's so much in it!
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Tue 19th Dec, 2006
This is so cute!!
Image 488792 Laura Dixon
Tue 19th Dec, 2006
Very cute.
Image 423224 Jesse Greenberg
Thu 23rd Nov, 2006
so cute, very manga style. i like it a lot! but no donuts?

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