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The world according to the OMM

An interpretation of an atlas
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 1004623 Ruth Ciara
Tue 15th Dec, 2009
Haha, love it! Xxx
Image 611993 Alan McGuigan
Fri 6th Feb, 2009
Hey Aunty Mor the Antartic looks like a fun place to be great square.
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Thu 5th Feb, 2009
You crack me up! I love it. Talent, humor, and a message. :-D
Image 1000764 ivana
Wed 4th Feb, 2009
It's so too funny!
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Tue 27th Jan, 2009
I see you have moved now. I presume the global warming label is pointing to the crack in the ice and not the seal sunbathing :o) Love the penguin and the whale as well.
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Tue 27th Jan, 2009
My goodness, Aunty Mor, but you've got a busy square to fill. ;-D
Image 1000764 ivana
Sun 18th Jan, 2009
Hi Moira!What's going to draw now?

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