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I need a break.
Tags : tired
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 1004168 Georgina Bethany Rowland
Wed 25th Feb, 2009
Your a great artist
Image 488760 Ana Kusicka
Sat 22nd Nov, 2008
The colours are incredible, love the brush strokes feel and the carbon style over the portrait so black over the rest, wonderful! :) So bad some of th epast versions are only during th e progress, but that's what makes it precious.
Image 579965 John E. Manglona Jr.
Tue 11th Nov, 2008
Very abstract but I like the composition and the emotion that this piece envokes.
Image 483994 Julie Teel
Thu 24th Jul, 2008
fun to watch ! great end piece , cool style ..... me lıkes !
Image 568748 Dayna Spinner
Tue 24th Jun, 2008
Beautiful! (I know the feeling, lol)
Image 477537 Liz Joyce
Fri 18th Jan, 2008
Very striking picture. Love the use of colour.
Image 1001907 Meno
Sat 15th Dec, 2007
I like your style!
Image 546360 Emma Hicks
Fri 14th Dec, 2007
really great work love the contrast between the background and the face!
Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Thu 13th Dec, 2007
hey my fellow 15-year-old. i found a super-cheap tablet ($50) at in case your interested. i got the Genius Mousepad or something like that. Your work is already impressive, though!
Image 527139 Cat
Mon 10th Dec, 2007
thank you for your comment, nice work!
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Thu 6th Dec, 2007 the colors..:)
Image 479279 Celia Richardson
Fri 23rd Nov, 2007
Wow, you've got a really unique, intersting style.
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Tue 6th Nov, 2007
Keith - the admins are still moving people late so yeah, I'll let them know you want to be moved :D
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Thu 1st Nov, 2007
This is excellent! I love your color and style :)
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Thu 1st Nov, 2007
Hi Keith! I remember our earlier comments and figured I'd let you know a big group of us are doing a big collab if you're interested in joining.. check out my bulletin :D The cutoff date is tomorrow so I wanted to let you know :) Cheers! Gracie
Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Tue 30th Oct, 2007
very unique style. keep it up
Image 504857 nadia
Sat 20th Oct, 2007
wow,,that was an amazing play back!!..great work! =)
Image 418428 Christina S.
Sun 7th Oct, 2007
SHWEEEEEET colors XD I love all the emotion in this ;DDD Great job! +1
Image 559155 Rebecca Swift
Sat 6th Oct, 2007
awesome pic =D
Image 540016 Suzi Grossman
Sat 6th Oct, 2007
Thank you :) I like how the bright colors set of the grays of the figure

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