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AuthorWhether which weird weather?
Super Administrator

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Posted on 29-10-2007 01:14
Ok, as some of you know, theres been a bunch of fires burning in southern California recently. Not very close to my house, but somewhat close to my work.

Anyways, because of the fires, the particles in the clouds and smoke overhead have become charged, couple this with a solar flare and you have aurora.

I saw it yesterday, and it was amazing. It looked like a bunch of little searchlights moving around in the clouds, like hundreds of glowing fireflies.

What is this phenomenon you ask? This was aurora, charged balls of lightning jumping around in the clouds, glowing in the night sky. Saint Elmo's fire as my father put it. I've never seen it before, so it was pretty amazing. Its a lot more common farther north, in places like Alaska, Canada, and Russia.

Now, I'm not an expert on aurora or anything, it was just really cool to look at. Anybody else see this? Or perhaps there has been some weird weather recently where you live?
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AuthorRE: Whether which weird weather?
J West
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Posted on 01-11-2007 20:03
Hey Isaac,

English weather is always weird at the mo. Never quite predictable, and the weather man has a tricky job indeed!

Hope/glad that the fires have eased off. My brother-in-law had the unfortunate task of trying to fly into San Diego, during the height of it all. For work, can you believe? Not the most sensible eh?

I wonder and fear, if further polluting of the planet will result in further erratic changes in the overall climate.

Rather sad really.

On that cheery note - gonna go tag something smiley

Have fun!! smiley
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AuthorRE: Whether which weird weather?
Dee Dee

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Posted on 02-11-2007 14:59
Hey Guys,
I'll hear ya, Weather is getting pretty weird lately. Georgia hasn't seen a drop a rain practally this year, I know I live in a dry place and all but our lakes are starting to dry up. They say we only have 5 more months of water left. Pretty scary, I really hope we get some rain soon.

Man this worlds Weather is getting messed up. I really hope it gets better soon. I don't think it will though till something happends with all the polution thats going on. I think the goverments of the world will not do anything till something happends like in Day after tomorrow, Anyways...

Yeah I have to go and find something to do with my time. Work not keeping me entertained.smiley

Have a good one,
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AuthorRE: Whether which weird weather?
Stacey Dirickson
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Posted on 14-11-2007 18:17
The weather in Oklahoma is *Always* wierd. I love it. smiley one day, freezing cold the next...or both in the same day..
There is a record here ... the high for one day was 83 then it dropped to 17 in the same day...that was a long time ago (11/11/1911)..but it still does that a lot... Un-normal is the normal here.
Oklahoma prolly would not be a good place to study climate change...XDD Or maybe it would.....*shrugs*
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