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AuthorSwap Squares - New Feature!
Super Administrator

Posts: 215
Joined: 24.06.06

Posted on 14-01-2008 21:13
Check out the new 'Swap Squares' feature!

It lets you change places with OMM members so that you can form collaborations easily now by grouping together.

This is a really cool new feature! Hope you all enjoy it.
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AuthorRE: Swap Squares - New Feature!
Ryan Bauer

Posts: 27
Joined: 18.10.06

Posted on 19-01-2008 21:23
I love it!!! I have used it to move me and my family members next to eachother so as to collaborate sometime in the future. smiley
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AuthorRE: Swap Squares - New Feature!
Jo Vickers

Posts: 66
Joined: 31.10.07

Posted on 20-01-2008 18:00
That's excellent- I just moved into an empty space to test it out (still in the Big Collab, of course). It definately works! =D

Edited by Jo Vickers on 20-01-2008 18:04
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