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AuthorFavorites and Comments Please, We Need More to Make This Work
Ryan Bauer

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Joined: 18.10.06

Posted on 19-01-2008 21:58
Hello, I would like to ask if the proposition of the possibility to access all past comments and all past favorites was presented yet...

I see that the system does save these and display them when one of the visible comments/favorites is deleted/removed. Is it really that much more work for the system to actually display all of these, perhaps in pages of variable numbers, determined by the artist? Besides, some of the more popular drawings are overwhelmed with comments and then when the artist arrives at their page after too many comments have been posted, these comments are not accessible to the artist until they have deleted the most recent ones.

Perhaps I am very used to Deviantart's user-tweaked setup and it is not possible.... but if you want to make this go, and make it interactive, you need to turn it into something that is more accessible to anyone. Or perhaps if this is prohibited by the amount of data that would need to be retrieved for each viewer, the artist themself could be the single person who has access to that history.

The One Million Masterpiece is a wonderful thing, but it seems to have died a little. We have to make this work. Thanks everyone for all the efforts you have put forth, but do you want to see this done in 20 years or in 1-2?

I do love the system recently put in place to create multiple pictures and swap them in your frame or swap with someone else.... now let's improve on this.

At least write me something to let me know you are still here...
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AuthorRE: Favorites and Comments Please, We Need More to Make This Work
Super Administrator

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Posted on 21-01-2008 16:26
Don't worry! We are still here smiley

The favourites/comments review feature has been on the todo list for quite a while now, and I can see your point about it being important, so I shall make it the first thing on the list to get done.

There isn't really any official funding source for OMM, and as it does not make any profit (we have to fund it ourselves in fact), we depend entirely on the efforts of admins and volunteers to make it happen. Paul and I have been a bit busy lately with our day jobs, but we make sure the site is running smoothly and update it / improve it whenever possible.

To make this project a success (and we think it deserves to become one!) we would ask all you admins, volunteers and members to help us promote OMM, tell all your friends about it, and generally spread the word around.

Feedback is also valuable and appreciated, as sometimes things get forgotten about. So we'll try to get this stuff done as quick as possible, in the meantime keep the ideas coming!

Edited by Eamonn on 21-01-2008 16:27
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