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Md.Mehdihasan Mehdi Artist - Md.Mehdihasan Mehdi




RAjshahi, Bangladesh




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Why i Have to sit pale without research
Fri 13th Jul, 2007

Lovely place

National Geographic channel.

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About Md.Mehdihasan Mehdi

ABOUT ME I am MD.Mehdihasan mehdi.My liking is river padma,birds,other animals and their environment related fact.I write a book on Comparative psychology in bengali for the first time.It's not published yet.As well as i am a good observer on animal behavior.I writes on those by observing.I checks every magazine in Geography channel.As well as i makes library work.Though i could not get a good sponsor in Bangladesh.I am a good Psychoanalist as well as.But in National Geographic Channel for better performance i need some Camera And ID Card from this channel.That is What i am Asking From this channel through this Blog as i am suffering for. My address is Locality:Ramchandrapur Kedurmore[Behind maruf traders gasses shop],Post:Ghoramara,Police Station:Boalia District:Rajshahi, Country:Bangladesh, Phone Number:880721811421, My E-mail address is I have new mobile set.It is activated now. 8801195209629 any time in citycell.

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More about Md.Mehdihasan Mehdi

Occupation: Educator,Principal Investigator,Psychoanalyst
Interests and Hobbies: Travel adventure.Invention.
Music: Bengali,English,Hindi.
Movies: Pirates of the Carribean,Harry Porter series,Any Adventerous fighting movie,The Patriot,Gladiator,Shah Series etc
Personal Quote: Call of love, love to Natural resources.

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