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Blanca Villanueva




Muntinlupa, Philippines




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Hi, I'm Blanca, also known as DailyDreamer 9 ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm 12 years old and honored to be a part of this project, I am not really taking any art classes (I'm self taught) but I am an anime artist, an oil painter and digital artist (all of which are hobbies NOT professions... I wish...) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am also part of other charity foundations such as 'Virlanie' and 'Gawad Kalinga' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am also a girl gamer, I play CSS (Counter Strike Source), Guild Wars, Sims 2 (All expansions with new gameplay -- Not family stuff or anyhting like that), Black & White 2 and more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm not the happiest kid in the world, but being a part of this makes me happy, helping ohers :>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I strive to do something with my life. I've become bored with simply sitting around. I guess that's just me growing up." -- Anonymous ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More To Come Soon :> (Maybe)

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Fallen Angel

"Theres nothing in this world worth believing in... Flesh rots... Bones break... Shadow consumes... Until not even a memory remains" --Started out random but end result was pretty good (right?)
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 554325 Aly Trenten
Sun 15th Apr, 2007
Image 459939 Joe Montgomery
Sun 8th Apr, 2007
Image 400838 Sarah Farnsworth
Mon 19th Feb, 2007
Sweet Deviant art Rocks. Check out My page Torchdesigns Thanks for sharing your mad skills. Lator!
Image 370420 Bethan Tyrell
Thu 15th Feb, 2007
hey, really good pic, i like the really fine detail in it. our very talanted. there is deffo somthing worth beliving in though, jesus love you and ofers hope and peace, you just need to except it. you made a very good point bones do brak etc but god can give you life eternal. god bless you. awsome drawing!!!! :D
Image 536868 Samantha Choy
Thu 25th Jan, 2007
Hey. I'm mizuka-takiko on DA(I devwatch you by the way). This is really cool. Much better than the face I drew.
Image 424853 Louise Beddow
Mon 22nd Jan, 2007
Awesome piece
Image 623218 JP Purimsu
Sun 21st Jan, 2007
Woah! I really like it. I think I"ll look you up on dA.
Image 419974 Riekkie R
Fri 19th Jan, 2007
This is great Blanca!
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