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Georgia O'Sullivan




Bantry, Ireland




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About Georgia O'Sullivan

Iím gal that pretty much lives on the edge of a great abyss that threatens to suck me in. I lived a hard life but I donít hate it because it has made me strong and in my lifeís itís what I needed to make me who I am. Usually Iím a mild tempered young gal with a flare for most I try and I will try anything once. I like to eat healthy although I do eat my chocolate and I drink quite a lot of coke but then everyone has to have their thing lol 6 years ago we moved to Ireland, cork and I have not regretted it since. I did not leave anyone I found close behind since itís only in the last 1-2 years that I have even had friends and had the confidence to talk to people. The friends I have I know I can trust and I trust none yet I also trust all. Who am I? I haven't yet figured that out. I was born on September 7th 1989 and these last 17 years have been hell until I met my friends and my boyfriend. My Friends names are Rambo, Duan, Amanda, Paul, Kitt, Tony, Nancy (my sister) and PJ they are my closest and talk practically every day although Duan as moved to Denmark since mid-August and will be there for 6 months until January. I don't get to speak to him everyday but we email all the time and I really miss him so much! My Boyfriends name is Kevin he is my closest friend and the one I absolutely love. He is kind and generous; he is gorgeous and so perfect that I wake up every morning and thing "Can this be a sweet dream from which I will wake?" Always the answer delights me because I have his love and respect and those two things are so important to me. What else is there? I come from Ireland and I live in West Cork itís an amazing country and I love it dearly. I used to live in England but we moved when I was 10 years and I don't regret the move...although I do miss the shops lol!

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It actually came out well comepared to my usual
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Image 533541 Jason Knight
Thu 26th Apr, 2007
Wonderful! -Jason
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