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Victor Angelo




Sodomyville, Djibouti




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Born in San Diego, Victor Angelo studied locally at the Athenaeum and University of California, as well as the School of Visual Arts and Art Students League of New York. His amazing paintings, refined though dynamic, take spectators into stimulating new realms of visual consciousness. Bound to the arts from early on, he drew colorfully in preschool and was delighted by the infinite possibilities of visual conception. During childhood he perused a surplus of illustrious paintings ranging from early Renaissance to Modernism on treks to museums across Europe. Adolescence saw his levels of skill advancing rapidly from personalized tutorials in traditional still life combined with figurative instruction at the Athenaeum. Elaborate ideas were realized, numerous awards were won, delicacy adorned the school publication; teachers lectured about his prodigious work in art classes. They eventually surprised him one day with a blank canvas, brushes and loaded palette, encouraging him to proceed. His very first canvas was publicly unveiled highlighting an exhibition at the Museum of Art in San Diego. After going to the museum, president Stephen Burns of the Art Institute felt impressed enough to invite Victor to a solo show for the grand opening of their newly renovated downtown building. Urbane crowds flocked to his exhibition eager to witness more of the "spectacular creative talent" journalists also admired for its "ingenious use of color" equipped with "high caliber sophistication in his exquisite handling of paint." Among those in attendance was Betsy Lane from the Parisi Gallery, Deborah Owen who later chose his works for an inaugural benefit show, following award shows by museum executives Howard Fox, Arthur Ollman, Mary Beebe, Alma Ruiz, Don Bacigalupi, renowned historian Dr. Donald Kuspit. Victor's paintings soon started to appear in shows nationwide and abroad. Exhibits include the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, Museum of Fine Arts, La Jolla Athenaeum, Oceanside Museum of Art, Museum of Living Artists, Art Institute of San Diego, Hunter Museum of American Art in Tennessee, Museum of International Contemporary Art in Brazil, Flash Art Museum in Italy, Fine Arts Museum in Japan, Musee D'Art Contemporain in France, Kunsthalle in Switzerland, Kunsthaus in Austria, Vancouver Art Gallery of Canada, MCA Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado, Sharjah Art Museum in the United Arab Emirates, University Art Museum in Texas, Watts Towers Art Center and Museum of Art in downtown LA, benefit shows at posh New York galleries of John McEnroe, Robert Miller and Sperone Westwater. Commissions include large-scale works with proceeds donated to charity for the City of New York and Los Angeles. Further international appearances span from Portugal to the Netherlands to Russia in addition to countless acquisitions from admiring collectors around the globe. Victor consumes large canvases with enduring passion for hours on end. On such scale he inhabits an ambiance informed, but not limited to, present-day reality. Multiple facets of world cultures and the technical age are narrated through different breeds of lines leading over emblematic contours. Victor's signature refined line is handled in a serene rhythm using custom tailored brushes. Impeccably layered imagery entices spectators captivated by his resonant color orchestrations. Declared "the contemporary abstractionist who paints with astounding color and complexity," art connoisseurs reflected upon his "exceptionally gifted capabilities as draftsman and colorist" apparent even in his early works as being "equivalent respectively to that of Matisse and Kandinsky." Concurrently working several paintings of various series into evolution, the prolific artist gradually alternates canvases. Onlookers frequently perceive his subject matter to embody movement inside physical, biological or otherworldly entities. An assortment of interpretations readily attach to his art of open-ended metaphors. Portrayals in his work document as they correlate layers of pensive notions. Victor reveals the otherwise invisible flows binding humanity to its habitat by configuring varied components in unison. Ranges of human interaction merge in novel territory that generates meaning on diverse levels of perception. Thus his conceptions provide both conventional and psychological depth. Victor Angelo brings the essence of both ancient and modern world cultures into the vast realm of his body of work. Filled with historical references, the innovations are varied in form, multi-layered in space, engaging in intricacy, lyrical in line, and emphasized by his distinct passion for color. Harmonious yet rhythmic, energized while retaining balance, Angelo's paintings challenge and examine systematically.

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Victor Angelo / 08.09.06
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