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D Vickie Scarlett-Fisher

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Vickie Scarlett-Fisher




Tampa, United States




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About Vickie Scarlett-Fisher

Vickie Scarlett-Fisher is from the great state of Texas. Some would say that Vickie's paintings were inspired by God, but her mother will tell you that she got Vickie a pack of crayons and let her draw on the back of a church bulletin in order to keep her quiet during service! From there, Vickie moved on to graphic work for her High School football team in true Texas spirit. Through the years, Vickie learned her artwork was a way to express her and to feed her creative urges. Her work is a direct reflection of the deepest parts of her imagination, which is blended with happy images and gorgeous landscapes. This is clearly evident when you see her first oil landscape she painted on the day she married her husband Mike. The painting is a strikingly bold mountain that is admirable, strong and stands out in beauty, much like their marriage. Other of Vickie's works is much more lightly hearted. While some artists draw cartoons, Vickie draws creatures of happiness. Her combinations of form and style give her characters an awkward, yet warm presence that will induce a smile every time. Vickie is currently residing in Tampa with her husband Mike and their dog "Little." She has been on display in Colorado, Texas and is now displaying in Florida. Her work can also be seen on and she looks forward to future venues.

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Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth
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Image 533541 Jason Knight
Tue 10th Apr, 2007
Good one! -Jason
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