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When I first started working on this picture, I wanted to do something breathtaking and memorable. After all, it was going to be a part of history. In my mindís eye I saw how I was going to express to the world the special and sacred joy I feel about my life. As I experimented with the art program, I became frustrated with the childish quality of my work. I decided to leave it be and redo it at a later date. When I came back a week or so later, I was immediately struck by the beauty of the child-like simplicity of what I had created; by the very thing that had frustrated me in the first place. Then, I took a look at the pictures around mine and saw that my neighbours also had a sweet innocence in their work. Thatís when I realized; I was done with this piece. Like my perception of my work, our enjoyment of life is based on our changing perception of the world around us. When we look through the eyes of Love and Light, we become like children: innocent, filled with constant wonder, infectious in joy, and surround by unconditional love. I wanted to share my bliss with the world. What better way than to express it as a child would? Walk in Light. Rosa Lee Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Personal Quote: "When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." - Henry J. Kaiser

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Kat Nicholson
Pontypridd, GB

Dawn Holliday
Walton-On-Thames, GB

Claire Keay
Rayleigh, GB

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Lo, I stand before Mother Earth and Father Sky, singing praises for my ancestors with the humble knowledge that we are all One. - Rosa Lee
Tags : Singing Singer Woman Girl Landscape Music Notes Grass Flowers Sky Sun
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Image 527139 Cat A
Sat 30th Jun, 2007
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Tue 10th Apr, 2007
Impressive! -Jason
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