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About Flicker Light Studio™

Flicker Light Studio(tm) consists of Tom and Susan Repasky. Tom, The Wizard Of Awed(tm) and Susan, Queen Type O Negative(tm) have spent their lives expressing perspectives, feelings and opinions, artistically, musically and through writings. Both experienced extreme trauma during their childhoods, which opened doors to imaginative, spiritual, and surreal realms. Tom began playing and composing music on his parents piano at age 14, began writing stories and poetry in the 60's and began painting with acrylics and oils in the 70s. During the 80's Tom's job as an engineer in the computer industry provided him access to computers and 3d visualization of scientific data. By 1994 personal computers were beginning to capably support the mathematics necessary for 3d design and visualization (rendering). Because of his injuries from a childhood accident, using a paint brush became increasingly painful and so the computer became the brush, the media, and the medium. Tom's first Digital Fine Art website was published in 1994. Since then it has continued to grow and expand. During the 90's received many awards for art, design, presentation and navigation. By the time Tom and Susan met in 2002, the website had over 600 2d and 3d images and an average of 100 visitors daily. Susan was raised in the Arizona/Sonoran desert. She spent much of her time observing nature and the world around her. She was able to translate much of what she saw into pencil sketches, which later were converted to watercolors. What most captivated her about the things she saw in the desert was how nature reclaimed itself. Susan was trained on the violin beginning when she was nine years old, but left that behind as an expression of art. She began writing poetry at a very early age, and has a large body of poetry and prose. When Susan met Tom, he introduced her to the world of digital art. She has since refined her skills using this medium of expression, and continues to win awards for her art. Tom and Susan continue creating Digital Fine Art. New images are added frequently to their website or published on other Fine Art sites. Each image begins as an idea, sketch, or feeling. Each image has a story, a reason for it's creation. Not every image gets published :-) Tom and Susan's body of computer art is well over 1500 images, most created in 3D applications, like TrueSpace, Extreme 3D, Bryce, Vue, World Builder, Poser, and others. Some models have been either purchased for our use, or used with permission from 3D sites such as Cornucopia3D, Planit3D, and others. Surreal and abstract, detailed and colorful, vibrant and intense, thought provoking, unique and striking are words that are found in reviews of their Digital Fine Art. Their website has been critically reviewed by MOCA and selected as one of the most distinguished computer art sites on the web for 2006-2007. Visit us at There is much more to come, so be sure to stay tuned! "Art Is The Perception Of An Altered Reality©" To read more about Tom, The Wizard Of Awed(tm) and Susan, Queen Type O Negative(tm), please visit the following: The Wizard Of Awed(tm) Queen Type O Negative(tm) Flicker Light Studio(tm) EloquentInsanity(tm) MediocreGenius(tm) TheLightWay(tm)

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Occupation: Artists, Writers, and Philosophers
Interests and Hobbies: We love creating, traveling, and meeting new friends.
Artists: Dali Escher
Music: Hypnotic Techno
Movies: Waking Life
Books and Writers: Too many to name :-)
Personal Quote: Art Is The Perception Of An Altered Reality©

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Peaceful Dreams

Created by Susan Isabella Sheehan-Repasky of Flicker Light Studio
Tags : surreal dream peaceful
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