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E-Port, United Kingdom




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Tue 4th Dec, 2007
I know a lot of people have posted bulletins about being on the Calender. Congratulations to everyone that made it. I really didn't expect to have made it on. I was really surprised when I got an e-mail telling me about it. If I had known before hand about people getting selected for it, I think I would have tried to make my drawing a little better. Then again, I found it really hard to do what I have up now with the mouse, so I doubt I could have made it any better haha. Well it really is amazing and I hope I will have enough money to purchase one. Christmas is coming up, so I don't know yet, but hopefully. Again congratulations to everyone that made it (who is reading this :P ) There's so many great ones on there.

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I can't draw! Just so you know ;-)

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Josu - Love Always

This picture is to basically get the message out that everyone should love and respect one another, and to leave all conflict behind! (Love not War)
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 546360 Emma Hicks
Wed 5th Dec, 2007
so cute! congrats on the calender!
Image 1001788 tonick
Wed 5th Dec, 2007
hi..Congrats on making it to the calendar!..well done
Image 428025 Zdenek Gromnica
Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Lovely style :) Good job! Congrats on making it to the calendar :D +
Image 1001402 Janette
Wed 24th Oct, 2007
love this style
Image 1000094 Emi
Thu 18th Oct, 2007
absolutly precious! i lvoe the style too!
Image 554448 J Yang
Tue 10th Jul, 2007
this is quite possibly the cutest square I've seen in a while. ^_^
Image 483961 Tracey Eastley
Tue 8th May, 2007
This is one of my fave squares! ♥love it♥
Image 492023 Rafael Tuaņo
Sat 7th Apr, 2007
It's so adorable!
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