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[img][/img] In the last ten years or so, music festivals have morphed from sweaty acquired tastes for music diehards to ultimate destinations for the world is trendiest denizens to flock to. Coachella, the biggest of the bunch, has doubled in size, now offering its same stellar lineup for two weekends in a row. But while summer music festivals seem to conjure thoughts of major style statements, take it from someone who has been around the festival block a few times: you are about to be more uncomfortable than you have ever been in your life. Between the blazing hot temps and too-close-for-comfort crowds, you are best prepare your wardrobe with some practical wisdom. How to dress for a festival? Here is 5 foolproof tips: Wear a real hat: Visors and headbands look cute and all but the suns rays can easily beat down on your scalp to cause burning and sun stroke. To combat, get yourself a good ole basketball hat (do not forget sunblock on your ears if so!) or a floppy sun hat and do not take it off until the sun goes down. Bring spray sunscreen: While thought of rubbing your hands on sticky skin may not be entirely enticing, you will need to make sure you are reapplying all day. An invisible spray sunscreen, like Coppertone Clear Continuous Spray, is ideal for that reason. Wear thick-soled [url=]shoes or sandals[/url]: The ground will get dirty, and you will want to have a bit of division between you and it. While I personally find [url=]boots[/url] too warm for festival weather, a thick sole shoe or sandal should do the trick. Buy affordable sunglasses: With hands in the air as often as they should be, you might lose control of your sunnies. With that in mind, make sure you are not wearing your most expensive pair. Wear the bikini you have always wanted to wear: You have all summer to be body conscious. What better time to flaunt it then when you physically can not bear to wear anything else.

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