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Mieyth Wolftear was born as Devin Johnston on the 9th of March. She is a tenth grader attending SciTech. When she graduates Devin is planning on enlisting into the navy to work on nuclear submarines as a nuclear tech and geting a collage degree; majoring in Nuclear Science, minoring in English. As for a religon Devin is Wiccan. Well more of and eclectic pagan. She takes a base belief of Wicca and incorporates other religons such as Buddism, Hinduism, and Native American beliefs into her personal spirtual beliefs and is very tollerant of other religons, even Cristiantiy and its sects if the other person is as tollerate as well. Mieyth Wolftear is also Devin's magickal name. Mieyth Wolftear- The Furry Mieyth has been Devin's fursona sence January of 2010. Mieyth is an goggolplex of gryhpie goodness. Standing about 3 feet and 3 inches at the withers, she weighs about 180 pounds and is about 15 years of age. When the sunlight hits her feathers, they gleam like extremely polished silver, so blinding that on a sunny day she must cover myself in a think coat of fine dust from her cave before going hunting. Her claws are a gleaming golden and are about 2 and a half inches long. Mieyth keeps them sharpened to a pin point for maximum damage when attacking and defending myself. Her forelegs are a dark yellow and of a similar anatomy of the bird of prey, the falcon. Her beak is the same color but with the build of a eagles'. Her hindlegs are lion like, along with the entire back portion of my body. her chest is covered in soft down covered with stronger and more resilient feathers. Her tail is similar to a lions'. It is extremely long, the same length as my main body. The tip of my tail is a foot long, really furry, five inch wide tuft of fur in between the feathers.The base of her tail is bird -like tail feathers that help her fly and steer in flight. And lastly Mieyth's eyes are crystal clear, deep blue purple and are soul piercing. her eyes catch others attentions more then anything. They are not unnaturally large or strange, just attention grabbing.

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