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WHO IS SOPHIE SERAFINO? Described as a Red Haired Gypsy, Yamaha Australia endorsed Violinist Sophie Serafino tells stories from around the world. Her music is passionate, sexy, a breath of fresh air. It’s real and uncontrived. A violinist, singer and songwriter described as “Annie Lennox meets Nigel Kennedy,” Sophie has performed all over world-wide with her unique blend of music. The style evolved after years of experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique. Sophie mixes world music with rock, dance, some Middle Eastern influence and classically inspired strings. Sophie was born in London, and grew up in Australia. Sophie began violin lessons at the age of 3, dance at 10 and singing and acting at 15, and at 16, was already imagining something different to classical dance and classical violin. With her wild imagination, the results could have taken her anywhere.... Since then, Sophie has toured with her original act from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Istanbul, Casablanca, Bahrain, Dubai, Delhi and Los Angeles and is set to leave her mark in the international music scene. ---------------------------------- PRESS QUOTES The Australian Times London (2008): "What the critics keep raving about is how intelligent and soulful her playing is" Sydney Morning Herald Australia (2008): "refreshing - not only plays the violin but sings with amazing clarity" Inside Sport Magazine Australia (2003): “take one funky diva with a violin, mix with some pop flavoured opera and you’ll be bustin’ a move to Sophie Serafino music before you can say Pavarotti” Daily Telegraph (May 2007): Serafino has ‘inimitable style’

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Occupation: musician
Artists: Goldfrapp, Celentano, Ravel, Brahms, Mono, Air
Personal Quote: a stolen quote: "It is better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not" (Brett Whitely)

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