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Aneesh Nair Artist - Aneesh Nair




Delhi NCR, India




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About Aneesh Nair

Result driven professional with extensive experience in leading people and project teams, implementing and overseeing technology programs and administering multi-million rupee budgets. Possess in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their commercial applications. Close to 2 decades of success in planning and directing activities that provide innovative information technology, telecommunication, productivity enhancement and customer service solutions. Areas of Expertise:- IT Infrastructure building & management Interpret company mission, vision, business strategy into Technology roadmap leading to development of products & tools Multi-site Technology Operations Relationship & Team Building In depth knowledge of Management Information Systems - its design and how the same works for the organization Decision making on introduction of new technologies and product evaluation Project Management ERP & Business Intelligence Strategic & Operational Planning Budgeting, Financial Reporting & MIS Implementation of information security standards, policies, controls & frameworks Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Industry Exposure:- Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Agrochemicals, Hybrid Seeds, Rural Marketing, Media & Public Relations Specialties: Information Technology, Information Security, Business Continuity

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Occupation: IT Professional
Interests and Hobbies: Information Technology, Information Security, Business Continuity
Books and Writers: Information Technology, Information Security, Business Continuity

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Aneesh Nair

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