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Cultural Canvas Pune 2007. Art Camp
Wed 12th Sep, 2007

Smart & U, is an ART communication portal & e-magazine that facilitates the art community. Our website provides information on art, National & International daily art news, Global Art events,ArtcentricServices, and we have an Art advisory. In addition to this we have a no commissionprivate trading module. Smart & U has initiated its global project "CULTURAL CANVAS", to create a new framework for building participation in the Arts.The outline of the project is as follows..The aim of this project is to offer a platform for exchange of information,contextualisationof contemporary art practices and sharing of experiences among artists within the country and globally.The focus is more on the creative process by learning more abouteach others cultures and contexts through an artistic avenue, by creating artworks along with discussions, and artcentricrelated visits. The objective is also to open the horizons of the invited participants, while giving them contacts and information on ways to further explore collaborations after the art event. With this background and its connection to artists, partnership/alliances with art groups, other spaces etc., SMART & U has proposed that the topics of the project could focus on artistsinitiatives and new media art practices. The aim is to take into consideration the development of artists and also offer a space for artistic expressions and become a launch pad for cultural practices that involve negotiation and social interaction through the use of artistic expression thereby paving the way to strengthen its action in the fields of autonomous cultural centers and artistsinitiatives. Cultural Canvas 2007. is being held in Pune India on September 28th and 29th.2007 from 10am to 5pm at The Sai Chitrakala Mahavidyalay 'B" Wing 3rd Floor,Suyog Building, Opp Pratibha Nagar,Dhanak Wadi , Pune 411046.


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