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About Sara Paasch Knudsen

I experiment, I play with color... I follow my feelings and thoughts down strange paths... I paint abstract art in various medium...Oil, acrylic, watercolor... I paint feelings and experiences which I would otherwise express... I paint because I can't not paint, I paint because I would wither away if I didn't express myself in a creative way... If I didn't paint I would loose my sense of self in a cloud of frustration and restlessness... I favor impasto because of the feel of a canvas when you touch it, the ripples and folds giving you a sensory experience and because it adds a three dimensional touch to an otherwise two dimensional art form... I paint because it makes me feel alive... My name is Sara Paasch Knudsen and I am a self-taught painter from Denmark... I have a bachelors degree in History of ideas and Information studies.

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Interests and Hobbies: Many things; books, movies, art, politics ect.
Music: Evanescence, Live, classic, musicals; Jesus Christ Superstar...all kinds; Dance to go dancing, mostly nice and quiet stuff, no heavy or techno
Movies: Kingdom of Heaven, I sometimes put it on when I paint... All genres...
Books and Writers: Emanuel Kant, Alice A. Bailey, Laurell K Hamilton, more than I can name, I read a lot
Personal Quote: There is good in all and good in everybody...

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Three Dots

The simplicity of lines added 3 dots...
Tags : simplicity
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 1001891 Mia
Sun 3rd Feb, 2008
a great simplistic piece ! (yeah denmark-i miss it!)
Image 546360 Emma Hicks
Tue 13th Nov, 2007
great composition!
Image 508021 Jin K
Thu 2nd Aug, 2007
beautiful! i love the colors you chose, and the design is awesome.
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