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Thu 12th Jul, 2007

I have always loved art but never been able to draw portraits or figures... so I decided to face my demons and attempt to draw a representation of my inner self when I'm at my happiest. To top it off, I am new to digital art too! Talk about taking challenges head on! I do believe that we have to do that in order to achieve in life and prove to ourselves that we can do it if we want to.

Who else has found that they have impressed themselves with what they have achieved here by having ambition and drive? ;)


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I'd prefer to remain mysterious!

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Cat A
London, GB


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Dancing in the sunshine

She is happy and free dancing in the sun
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 527139 Cat
Mon 10th Dec, 2007
i really love this!!
Image 504738 Sarah Scherini
Mon 19th Nov, 2007
This is absolutely stunning. Warm, and carefree. life at it's height. :]
Image 440736 Anonymous
Fri 31st Aug, 2007
What convienent censorship! ;] I love it though, it's nice to see colors worked like that.
Image 371971 Kim Vincent
Sun 26th Aug, 2007
very soft and pretty. apparently you can :)
Image 567273 Morgan Shearer
Fri 3rd Aug, 2007
mouse work is hard, this is very good, i like the colors :) +
Image 472862 Benjamin Horak
Sat 21st Jul, 2007
you did very well with your figure drawing. you get my vote
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Sat 21st Jul, 2007
Beautiful and so natural. You get my vote Carmella:)
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Fri 20th Jul, 2007
such beautiful tones of oranges, very bright and uplifting.. i really like the little circular dots.. makes it dreamy..
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