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Thu 16th Aug, 2007

First version of my tool was a great invention, but the drawing quality was very bad, you can see that for yourself in my gallery. The demo of the second version, which was featured in the spotlight, was much better, but still looked a lot like a drawing (however surprising it may seem, this wasn't my primary goal) and had some minor errors, like too sharp edges, bad colors, etc. Not bad from a computer program, you might say, but many artists could draw much smoother, seamless pictures. Don't get me wrong, I respect each and every artist, no matter what, but this wasn't enough for me. So I kept on working, and at this moment, I just invented my newest algorithm and uploaded a demonstration. Now I gotta say, I'm totally breathless, it's almost indistinguishable from the original photo! It's just incredible.

The OMM staff is gonna have this tool in a few days, and after that, let's just keep on waiting for celebrities' drawings to be processed by it. I can hardly wait, it's gonna be awesome! And I don't mean (only) their drawings, but their involvement in general.

Thanks for the votes everyone, and remember, just be creative in every way you can!

Comments & discussion:

Image 559267 Jozsef Fejes
Fri 24th Aug, 2007

Sin-Mae, what do you mean, a drawing OF me or BY me? Anyway, I already have 6 drawings, no room for more :)

Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Fri 24th Aug, 2007

i find interest in your programming.. the skillz bro.. lol. excellent creation and definately quite original in going the opposite of the ideal artistic method. anyways.. since we all have seen works that show off the tool. would love to see a bit of personal photos and a bit of you in there.. :D let the tool paint a bit of your life mate!

Image 559267 Jozsef Fejes
Thu 23rd Aug, 2007

Who said it's going to be public? It's never gonna be :)

Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Thu 23rd Aug, 2007

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely Love what you're doing with the application. But I fear this algorithm going public before this project is complete. That may put some doubt on the validity of a world record on the largest artistic collaboration by the people at Guinness. I mean I would love to have the application, but I'm having doubts on whether releasing it to OMM now is a good idea. Thanks for reading.

Image 559267 Jozsef Fejes
Mon 20th Aug, 2007

Pip: Mena Suvari took about half an hour, which is about 25% raw cpu burning and the rest is controlling the application, configuring, checking and accepting or rejecting individual steps that make up the whole process, it was about 25 steps in total (1 step = 1 color,1 brushsize,1 intensity, and an unlimited number of brushstrokes). The mountain scene was to test the limits of my tool and OMM too, that took about 2 hours, and 20.000 brushstrokes total, I will write a post about that one soon.

Image 495215 Pip Hignett
Mon 20th Aug, 2007

Just checked your gallery, Jozsef. The results of your program are stunning. Great work.

I was wondering, how long does the application take to reproduce an image?

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