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Crossover Exhibition - Website Launch

Mon 31st Aug, 2009



The Website Launch

When: Sat, 5th September - 6:30pm Onwards

Where: Reagan Lee Gallery

240, level 1 - Broadway, New Market
Auckland, New Zealand

Artists: Ya Kun Cai (fashion), Fifi Cheung (photographer), Sin-Mae Chung (artist), Yayu Gao (artist), Majlinda Hoxha (photographer), Aubrey Rodriguez (photographer/poet) , Jane Sullivan (photographer), Marigona Xharra (fashion) Performance by the Literati, Miskatonic & Aubrey Rodriguez

Sponsored by: Redbull & Kokako

Getting together to celebrate the first big step of Crossover, Launching the website. This show will be combining works from the Pioneers of the group, with fashion, photography, painting, music and poetry. Crossover is a hub created for emerging artists only, to assist in the transition between art learning to art practice and profession.

Our goal is to support and provide a space for emerging artists to grow, and develop recognition. We look forward to branching out in finding a space to build a studio/gallery to give opportunity to people to exhibit freely without the shackles of commissions and costs of high rental prices.

Check out the Website which will be launching of the date of our exhibition. --> launching Sat, 5th September 2009

We hope to grow internationally. Creating a factory where we can produce fine artists around the globe.

Those who live locally. Come check it out, if you want to find out more about the group, or if your keen in wanting to join this movement..

contact us at

Or join our facebook group at: Facebook - Crossover Group
Add on msn: (MSN)
We also have a twitter account. So feel free to add that. I would provide a link but I don't have a twitter.

Looking forward to seeing any Millionmasterpiece members there. If you got any feedback or comments on the idea.. message us anytime.

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