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J.T's YouTube video

Mon 5th Feb, 2007

Another great OMM video posted on YouTube. Some great editing skills here demonstrated by T.J - nice job.

Comments & Discussion

Tue 6th Feb, 2007
wow! that was amazing! great editing skills. I agree!

Tue 6th Feb, 2007
Super spiffy! :D Loved the opening and the end especially ;DDDD

Tue 6th Feb, 2007
Omg! Honored to be featured on News Page! :D Thanks!

Wed 7th Feb, 2007
EXCELLENT! that is brilliant editing i must hand you that.. love the selection of music.. really brings the street into art.

Thu 22nd Feb, 2007
That's great! I like your creativity and also I love the final animation! CONGRADULATIONS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!

Fri 29th Jun, 2007
that was very cool. love how you put that all together!

Tue 31st Jul, 2007
how did you put your art on youtube?

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