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typical me, typical me, typical me i started

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Comments on this artwork:

Image 563945 Clara Ferreira
Sun 8th Jul, 2007
Such a wild are a true master of colours. :)
Image 527139 Cat A
Wed 13th Jun, 2007
Brilliant use of colour to get this blurred and mysterious look, good job!
Image 608782 Petra Matar
Wed 6th Jun, 2007
crazy. i luv
Image 412022 Lucas "lucassio"
Wed 30th May, 2007
Nice style! Who is it?
Image 475943 Yeung Ying Ying
Mon 28th May, 2007
cool!love the colour and rough style~
Image 551281 Ella M
Wed 9th May, 2007
this is realy cool! i love.
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Sat 28th Apr, 2007
Good one! -Jason
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Wed 4th Apr, 2007
this is really beautiful colors.. u really talented artist...
Image 448815 Rafaella Ryon
Mon 12th Mar, 2007
I like the colors and the sketch look. =)
Image 412065 Anna "ED" P
Sun 4th Mar, 2007
madly impressive
Image 541566 Lesley Tooze
Wed 7th Feb, 2007
Wow! Amazing piece! Love it!
Image 503253 Tehra Frederick
Wed 7th Feb, 2007
This is amazing, I like the use of colors!
Image 554324 Meagan Miller
Wed 7th Feb, 2007
Whoah. Amazing colors.
Image 458445 Matt Ramsdell
Tue 6th Feb, 2007
crzy... good
Image 450326 Pepijn Rengers
Tue 6th Feb, 2007
You're a worthy artist, keep up the good work!
Image 543130 Leszek Pietrzak
Mon 5th Feb, 2007
Great colours :-)
Image 455164 Ingrid Scholes
Sun 4th Feb, 2007
i love the energy of this. it looks great in playback! i have done a similar style picture of a native american, you can see at
Image 431265 Adam Bunim
Sun 4th Feb, 2007
Image 399233 Donna Steel
Sun 4th Feb, 2007
OMG very cool !!
Image 591190 Anonymous
Fri 2nd Feb, 2007
Fab colours!

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