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Comments on this artwork:

Image 579965 John E. Manglona Jr.
Tue 11th Nov, 2008
Nice portrait... I liked what you had going in the background... can't wait to see the finished product.
Image 500000 Paul Fisher
Tue 6th Nov, 2007
Hey, cool green man. A potential picture for the October page of the calendar :)
Image 559267 Jozsef Fejes
Sat 27th Oct, 2007
This is face is like so full of feelings, great job.
Image 551118 Laura Schrampfer
Sat 20th Oct, 2007
Great portrait!
Image 527139 Cat
Fri 13th Jul, 2007
this is outstanding, really impressed with the detail on the face
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Sat 28th Apr, 2007
Wonderful! -Jason

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