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merry christmas

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Comments on this artwork:

Image 1000117 Catherine
Fri 21st Dec, 2007
ahh merry christmas!
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Sun 16th Dec, 2007
OMG, this is charmingly cool...:)
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Thu 6th Dec, 2007
Hi Brian, yep I made the calendar as well. Did you volunteer for the Big Collab as well as Aunty Mor? Cheers Mark
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Wed 5th Dec, 2007
Brian this one is in the Calender. Mine is too! :)
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Hey Brian well done for making it into the calendar, great picture. Also the penny has just dropped re the Snailman nickname after seeing the photo posted on your profile, I always thought Dylan was cool as well. Cheers Mark :0)
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Thu 15th Nov, 2007
I love it!! Now you need to have the snow falling and the lights twinkling! :-) (you've given me more ideas for animation...)
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Wed 14th Nov, 2007
You obviously have way too much time on your hands! 3 new pics in the space of a few days:o
Image 421675 Cassie Jay
Tue 13th Nov, 2007
i love this, great job!

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