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The girls in my life

Two curley haired people that I adore
Tags : portrait
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Tue 11th Mar, 2008
Thank you for your comment! I like the way you drew the shapes of the colours, creating the image... :-)
Image 639207 Lubos Bakyta
Fri 22nd Feb, 2008
NICE picture , and point. :-)
Image 1001891 Mia
Sat 9th Feb, 2008
i really like that there is so much life and dynamic in your picture especially considering that it is so simple, very, very nice ! (and thank you for the nice comment!)
Image 464771 Jan Patterson
Fri 4th Jan, 2008
Haha yes I do like cats =) You have a nice picture too, beautiful wife and daughter
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Tue 1st Jan, 2008
Happy NEw year It's probably been New year for a while there.
Image 485655 Isaac Wirtz
Tue 25th Dec, 2007
Merry Christmas!
Image 419957 Jacynta McLeod
Wed 5th Dec, 2007
Thank you so much for everything :)
Image 1001788 tonick
Wed 5th Dec, 2007
thanks Paul..really appreciateit.thanks for choosing my pic and thanks for comment...
Image 578427 DB
Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Thank you Paul for your comment. Thank you for being the human being that you are too.
Image 428025 Zdenek Gromnica
Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Very nice and simple :) Good job! +
Image 1001190 shahtoosh
Tue 6th Nov, 2007
Hi Paul, I think I never gave leave u a comment before. Just want to say the pic is very nice. And thanks for the article... :)
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Wed 31st Oct, 2007
oh well thank you I am flattered I will get working on some more when I get the chance.
Image 488818 Kenny McKellar
Mon 15th Oct, 2007
That's a nice image you've got there, Paul. Great job.
Image 595985 John Donatz
Sat 6th Oct, 2007
this has a nice style, like you created large brushstrokes. i like the backgrond color too. nice piece!
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Thu 4th Oct, 2007
Hey paul! Um, time! That's how.. Thanks for your comment on my new one :)
Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Mon 1st Oct, 2007
great work paul well done:)
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Sun 30th Sep, 2007
Paul, (edit) thanks for the kind comment on my latest pic, it's down to you guys that I have started to have a go at art so a big thanks. Keep up the good work. Cheers Mark
Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Wed 15th Aug, 2007
Wow, I love how you've done this. Most of the faces here use a lot or gradual shading and light etc, but here the faces are just as clear with less. I really like it.
Image 1000631 Marco Gamba
Sun 12th Aug, 2007
Thanks for your comment. Nice work! M
Image 412065 Anna "ED" P
Sun 5th Aug, 2007
wow, i love your style, and its so sweet =]

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