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This here is my baby! My current kitten named Spooky. She's very playful and lovable and friendly xD. And her eyes are always like that O_O, the pupils never seem to go small...
Tags : Spooky tuxedo cat black
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 421570 Anonymous
Sun 6th Jul, 2008
The eyes are lovely!
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Thu 3rd Jul, 2008
Cat! I'm kitty cat, and I dance-dance-dance and I dance-dance-dance! XDDD Sooo adorable..awesomely drawn. +1
Image 485674 Liberty Verbaan
Thu 22nd May, 2008
I love this pic!
Image 1002567 Christina Jamison
Tue 12th Feb, 2008
she's beautiful!
Image 528724 Abby Kesti
Tue 15th Jan, 2008
Aye aye fellow cat lover! Your cats (and pictures) are so beautiful. I agree with Beverly, they have so much depth! I want to go draw mine.
Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Mon 14th Jan, 2008
awww tho thweet!!!!
Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Sun 13th Jan, 2008
I hate cats, but your cute squares make me like their oober cuteness! stop that! :P +
Image 551118 Laura Schrampfer
Sat 12th Jan, 2008
Very nice! Awesome gallery!
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Sat 12th Jan, 2008
oh i definately love the angle in this piece.. the eyes stand out so much
Image 551212 Maggie Keane
Thu 3rd Jan, 2008
You are very talented. Your cats are awesome!
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Thu 3rd Jan, 2008
All your pix are fantastic - love your style - so much depth. (Great lesson in blending! just watching the replay). Your cats are wonderful.

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