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lol, weeds

lol, collab. :3 lightning bug space monkey!
Tags : orange basin shading drifloon jeran stab collab
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Mon 18th Feb, 2008
Fun! Love it.
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Sat 16th Feb, 2008
Hi Jeran, nice square, I think the overall temp pic is looking pretty good so far. Cheers Mark :0)
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Fri 15th Feb, 2008
Nicely done Jeran :) Looking good.
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Tue 1st Jan, 2008
happy NEw Year
Image 1001788 tonick
Thu 6th Dec, 2007
hey...i dont think this is the worst one at all..they are all pretty cool.very original.anyway Congrats on making it to the calendar..well done
Image 428025 Zdenek Gromnica
Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Heh, nice square and style :D Congrats on making it to the calendar :D +
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Sun 4th Nov, 2007
Yep had to go yellow for the greater cause. Maybe we can come up with a different temp theme later if it takes a long time to decide on the final pic. I'm all for a big snakes and ladders board, ha, ha. Cheers Mark :0)

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