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This is the first time I drew a swallow, i think it shows. Heh. I don't ussually draw like this.
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 568748 Dayna Spinner
Fri 27th Jun, 2008
great changes! a really fantastic square!
Image 407201 Peno Mishoyan
Tue 6th May, 2008
i love what you did here! v distinguish styleeeee +1 and added to my favorites
Image 554361 Hallie Stiller
Mon 5th May, 2008
Very creative and well-executed if a little emo :-P but great job!
Image 568748 Dayna Sadoff
Sun 13th Apr, 2008
Love this! really like the graffiti-ish style and the imagery- really cool piece.
Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Sun 9th Mar, 2008
beautiful drawing. Take care!
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Thu 31st Jan, 2008
ouch that looks painful
Image 477537 Liz Joyce
Tue 22nd Jan, 2008
Like your drawing style. Another great playback!
Image 483998 J West
Tue 1st Jan, 2008
Happy New YEar!!! Strong combi of image and words you have! V affective . . . hope 2008 is a good one ;D
Image 559215 Daniel Alekow
Tue 1st Jan, 2008
hey there, thanks a lot :D Happy New Year, Ruth! - Daniel
Image 1000631 Marco Gamba
Fri 21st Dec, 2007
=D Thanks for your comment!!! I wish you a merry Xmas!
Image 501635 Marjie H.
Thu 20th Dec, 2007
Hmm I don't remember, but thanks x]

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