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A Quick Update

Thu 2nd Aug, 2007

Well, having moved home from Uni since my last post, I've a bit of catching up to do: I've just today done a load of work on Snow Leopard - it's not quite finished but ready enough to have some time in the spotlight as it where. Other than that, my shaky internet connection isn't making working on here easy, but expect to see a bit more from me soon with any luck.

Comments & discussion:

Image 557626 Alex Holt
Tue 7th Aug, 2007

Oh, I don't think theres much danger of that, I am notoriously relaxed during term time, let alone holidays, lol. Hope you also have a relaxed holiday!

Image 495215 Pip Hignett
Tue 7th Aug, 2007

Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Alex. But don't forget to relax and enjoy your summer hols Cool

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