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Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Well, just a quick update to say that I've now done my first new picture, and started a third. Not entirely happy with Out of Time yet, the figue needs a little more work, and the environment needs more detail, but in general it works reasonably well. I'll likely go back to it later.

I would have got further with my second picture, however, it doesn't seem to like saving at this time, but I'm going for a scratchy stark black and white image to contrast my other pieces a bit.

Ooh, so many ideas to choose from...

Comments & discussion:

Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Tue 26th Jun, 2007

hey thx for the help! i found out how to make new image lol yeah i'm a full member. sry i couldn't reply to your message. When i click "reply" it says i have to log off, so then i log off, but then it says i have to be signed in, so i sign in, and then the cycle repeats.

Image 557626 Alex Holt
Tue 26th Jun, 2007

Nope, seems to be working fine now thank you.

Image 500000 Paul Fisher
Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Are you still having trouble Alex? We've made some adjustments to the software over the course of the day that should have fixed it but let me know if it's still an issue.

Image 557626 Alex Holt
Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Hmmm.... to follow up - it wasn't the image that was the trouble - I deleted it and started again as I'd barely started, and htat wouldn't save either...... Very odd...

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