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A New Beginning

Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Well, I may as well start this thing while I'm not doing much else. This is mainly just an opening entry, but the site is looking impressive, if not quite as easily navigable as its predecessor, plus I miss the invited friends list, but thats beside the point.

Anyway, as soon as I work out whether I'm actually entitled to a second piece and correct it if not, I have a few ideas of what a secodn piece would be, so watch this space. I have to justify my prolongued stay at Uni artistically somehow...

Comments & discussion:

Image 439171 Joel Pigou
Mon 25th Jun, 2007

I love the idea of being able to do more than one piece, ever since I finished mine, I wanted to do another one without killing my existing one - and now you can!

Image 557626 Alex Holt
Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Wow, lol, I wasn't expecting that! Ooh.... six pictures... Thankyou lots! I never thought of myself as prominent, lol.

Image 500000 Paul Fisher
Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Hi Alex. The invited friends list will be back - we just need tro change it slightly because of changes to the referral system. I'm please to say that as a prominent member of the omm community your account has been upgraded to Supporter status so you can create up to six pictures in your gallery Smile

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