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9/11 its been six years

Tue 11th Sep, 2007

I would like to take a time and remember the heroes and victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. It is now Six years since we lost so many Friends and family. My heart is praying for the ones we all lost. I pray for the love ones and the unknown ones. All the fire Fighters who lost one of their brothers and to the families who lost their sons and daughters, I would like to pray for the families of the ones who took some many lifes. I pray for my sister who is gone to war for the safety of our family. I pray that they will come home safely and that we will learn war and terrorism is not the answer to anything that would lead this world in a better place.Deanna

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Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Wed 12th Sep, 2007

Well done for this, I dont think that I have seen anything as chilling and upsetting as the images on the news that day as the events unfolded before our eyes. I sincerely hope that we or any other generation will not have to experience anything so horrific again. This will be in the hands of the leaders, both political and religious, around the world however we should do all we can to influence the parties that we have elected to represent us. Our thoughts at this time should be with all the families affected by 9/11.

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