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Tunnel Vision

Mon 25th Jun, 2007

Tunnel Vision exhibition Flyer

"Limitations of a social, cultural and biological nature dictate our levels of awareness and in turn, shape our reality. Tunnel Vision is a multi media exploration into how perceptual limitations can shape Art and how it is viewed.

Experience the wall to wall sensory flux as these seven young artists offer unique cultural perspectives and intriguing media to infiltrate your perspective".

17th July - 28th July

Opening exhibtion: Tuesday 17th July 5:30-7:00pm

Satellite gallery

136a Newton Road, Newton

(corner of St Benedicts street and Newton Road)

Tunnel Vision is an upcoming exhibition planned in the last four months as a 3rd year internship for our fine art major. Six others and myself will be exhibiting outside of our school's protective walls and into the public spot light. It is a huge jump says some in our group and many others, but in my opinion its just a little more work to do but all in the end will be worth it.

Listings are being sent tomorrow to national art magazines and news papers. Flyers are being done, all that is needed is artworks and food and drinks.

Those of you who are in New Zealand and living around the Auckland region, I personally invite and welcome you to this exhibition, it will be the first personally planned and involved exhibtion of ours and we are hoping for a great turn out.

Live music from Rakinos' DJ, and wine sponsorship from Kim Crawford.

(changes were made from the previous entry due to sponsorship changes, thanks for reading)

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