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One month and another update.

Sun 9th Dec, 2007

Title: Mother (2007) by Sin-Mae Chung. for

Sin-Mae Chung Mother 2007. Indian Ink and Acrylic paint on paper.

The last month has been crazy with many arty events and projects, and I am safe to say that I have completed most of my to do list. All that is to do is seek Art galleries or art related events/environments to have an internship in. But time to recap:


End of year (2nd & 3rd year) exhibition:

With the year 2 and 3 fine art exhibition held on the 19th of November, it was a crazy week aiming to get everything up and running by the 18th. Lucky I had it easy, dispite my work mostly dealing with perspective and illusion and hugely on the construction and installation design. I found that my work has been one of the most simplest in putting up despite some minor and major set backs, and also it was the cheapest compared to many whom spent quite a few hundred on their projects. I suppose that is a sign that I should aim to be a bit more ambitious with projects I develop. However, I still do believe that the more money which is spent does not neccessarily mean great art. But I suppose this will be something that I will ponder on throughout these holidays and my final year of my BFA degree.

"Off the Wall" - Auckland Art Gallery fundraising event:

The off the wall event was a huge success during opening night on the 24th November, just 5 days after the end of year show mentioned, I had just 4 days left to evaluate and paint my piece for Saturday. The above image is a photograph taken of my mother posing in front of her portrait, the painting was titled Mother. It is based from a posed photograph taken of her working environment in recognition of her hard work and attitude towards being an Chinese migrant. Below is a statement for the work:

"Mother is the depiction of the strength and determination of a hard-working woman. She is whom our entire family should thank for the fortune in coming to and raising their families in this land of promises and through this painting comes my thanks, love and admiration for her."

Realising the environment we have been placed in, the Auckland city art gallery is recognised to house some of New Zealands paintings/art, showing true New Zealand identities in both contemporary and historical paintings or sculptures. And with this I decided to depict a part of our root to New Zealand through someone of great importance to me and whom has contributed in 'building a parth' for our and the rest of the family.

Many friends have been made through this experience, and I thank Lois Calvert for this great opportunity by sponsoring me in this event. She is also the author of the iball newspaper article featuring myself in it.

Adam's Portraiture Award:

After the Off the wall event I had been given 2 weeks of time to paint and submit a portrait of my father to the award. With time being slightly short due to social occassions I have managed to complete all application and make the deadline today at 9.20am. Only having had my application picked up yesterday in west Auckland and already delivered to our capital Wellington (a 9 hour drive) and am suprised and thankfull and beginning to have a good impression of the postal service.

I will not know of the result untill late January, if news is good I will update again.


Thank you for reading this post, thought it would be polite of me to at least make more of myself here. hehe. Hope you all enjoy a great holiday and have a merry merry christmas!!!


Comments & discussion:

Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Sat 15th Dec, 2007

Hi Sin Mae, firstly thanks for the comments on my squares it really means a lot.

Love the picture that you did of your mother and the whole style of the picture, she must be very proud of you.

I wish you good luck with your internship and hope you find something suitable and also with the Adam's Award, I'm sure you must have a good chance.

Have a lovely Christmas and Best Wishes for 2008.



Image 567273 Morgan Addie Hallmark
Thu 13th Dec, 2007

I hope to become as successful as you have by age 20; you have acheived alot, and I must say I'm somewhat jealous.

Image 1001176 Shanna Muston
Thu 13th Dec, 2007

wow, you have been very busy. Congratulations on all your achievments, Im hopefully going to be studying art next year, our offers come out in January, hopefully i will have some sucess like you. Mother, is a great painting, and the resemblance is so close, i love your style.

I'll definetly be checking back here to see what else goes on, and i would love to see more artworks!

Have a great christmas, and a fantastic new year!


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