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Thu 8th Nov, 2007

Sin-Mae Chung, <i>Between Differences: Dress Up</i> 2007. Acrylic paint & Indian ink on paper, 21.0cmx29.8cm (excluding frame).

Sin-Mae Chung Between Differences: Dress Up 2007. Acrylic paint & Indian ink on paper, 21.0 x 29.8 cm.

The Apology:

First of all I would like to make an apology to everyone on O.M.M for my lack of attendence and updates to my profile here, I realise I have left some messages unread and events unaware of. And a huge apology to those whom invited me to join the big collab, sadly timing is terrible to get things sorted to have some free time to do this project and here I ask to be excluded from this event with sincere regret.

The Updates:

Well some of you may have noticed I have been inconsistant with my journals and perhaps been aware of my absence around O.M.M especially around the forums. Lazy? yes. Busy? Definate Yes!... so what have I been up to? I will try to make this quick.

The Tunnel Vision was a huge success, we have recieved many positive feedback especially from our lecturers which were unexpected. The exhibition was up for 12 open days and I manage to get one artwork sold of mine to a friend's/classmate's parents, while also recieving good news that another friend who was involved got further recognition with an article writen about him as an emerging artist in the Artist Alliance magazine. The report for this exhibition has been writen and handed in and we passed the internship assignment for the year.

My art assignments are going well, I continue to work in film and installation focussing on illusions and perception. Hopefully all goes well for end of year set up.

I had recently been in a art fair or sale/exhibition called the Artwest07, following my participation last year. The fair was held at my old highschool called Kelston Girls College. I had been personally invited to participate due to being an expupil of the school. The event was extremely entertaining with much creativity to look at and learn from. I had two artworks exhibited following the idea of paintings that was featured in Tunnel Vision, one of the paintings is displayed above which was sold (you can view this work and similar at my dA account http//

I had been through many writen assignments along with a power point presentation, research and two tests completed and handed in today.

Things I look forward to is completing my final work for the end of year exhibition where I will set up and meet with an external examiner. After this ofcourse I can begin my holidays, However, I will begin straight further external works for upcoming events.

The Auckland Art Gallery has been organising an "Off the Wall" party for members of the Friends and interested artist to purchase wall or floor space for their cleared out art gallery (fund raiser cause for rebuilding) which will be painted on and exhibited in a huge event. I was fortunate to signal my interest and have a sponsor named Lois Calvert so kindly purchase a wall for me to work on. She has even called me up about a Newspaper article for iball (an asian/New Zealand bilingual paper) waiting to be offered to me. Will get this sorted out real soon, and organise a time to get the photograph and interview/information done, and will update further on this matter and the event.

Future plans:

After the Auckland Gallery event I hope to find some time to paint and submit a painting to the Adam's portrait art awards, with first prize being $15,000 NZD. With the submission cut off date closing on the 10th December, I wont have much time on this but I am still keen.

Hopefully I will find the time to also contact this lady on the offering of a small wall space for a month long exhibition on K'rd, Two large works are enough to fill the space. so I will aim to also paint during the break.

During the summer holidays I plan to look for some work in the artgallerys, it would not matter if it would be paid or not, as long as I have something to do and it is for something I love. So if anyone living in the Auckland region of New Zealand who knows of any opportunities please message me about it (favourably within the Waitakere to the CBD would be most convieniant).

So I guess this is the updates I have to say. Sorry for the Long bulletin, I suppose it is a result for piling up this sort of thing. By the way thanks for reading, You Legend!

Comments & discussion:

Image 500000 Paul Fisher
Thu 8th Nov, 2007

Great to hear things are going well Sin-Mae, keep us posted. You'll always be an OMM legend no matter how often you visit us :)

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