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Big Collab: Deadline: Friday, November 2nd

Thu 1st Nov, 2007

Big Collab

84 Gracie Rafferty

68 Joe Montgomery

98 Christina Krygier

23 Shubnum Khan

6 Cassie Jay

4 Mark Watkinson

OMM shahtoosh

OMM Daniel Alekow

OMM Nadia

OMM Jeran Halfpap

OMM Jeanne Krebbeks

OMM Laura Schrampfer

OMM Michelle Scott

OMM Beverly Johnson

OMM Benjamin Wirtz

OMM Emily Coombs

OMM Magnus Wittstrom

OMM J West

OMM Shanna Muston

OMM Deanna

OMM SoL Savoretti

OMM Angeli Arndt

OMM Joel Pigou

OMM Qian Zhao

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Comments & discussion:

Image 1001324 Christina Krygier
Sun 18th Nov, 2007

Hi Gracie - got your message at sketchfu - I'd almost forgotten about this. I'd love to join the collaboration - just let me know where and how. I'm in. Christina (Xina54)

Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Sat 3rd Nov, 2007

I'm not sure if the collab can be saved as you say, Jac - I was guessing not; so I figured our final square would be the collab. The gallery is useful 'cause people on the site can still view the work but I'm not sure if there's any way to have two squares viewed in the final OMM piece :)

Image 547985 C Chimera
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

I would like to help, as well.

Image 1001402 Janette Cox
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

Am I too late? P...P...P...P...Please thet me join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image 447214 Wes Glover
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

Hey, I'd just like to add my support and say that I'd love to be able to contribute to this project!

Image 483998 J West
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

Hello again, I have Pip who is interested, but would like to keep her beautiful black kitty as her final end-square. And thinking on it, I might be drawing up a biggie that I'd like as mine. But, of course the collab is the thing at the moment. How does this effect things? I know that we are only showing one square at a time, but is there anyway of accommodating for this. Is the collab set for a time period or something, to be preserved elsewhere on the site, and then a chance to revert to something else after? I am still in by the way. With bells on ;D Sorry a vague large question there . . . jacqueline

Image 500000 Paul Fisher
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

The transfer has now been completed. Any late entrants can join - just post here to let Gracie know.

Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

Hiya Moofz! Nope, you're not too late :D Welcome to the big collab hun!

Image 389599 Moofz
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

Hm.. I think I shall join in. Hope I'm not too late D:

Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007

Hi Gracie, I think the Worldwide Contribution idea that I put forward has almost been covered as from the list of participants the only continents that you do not have volunteers living in are Asia and Antartica, if I am correct. I am sure that we must be able to get someone from Asia involved but I think Antartica may be a tall order. I would almost think that this Worldwide theme is covered and could be ticked off the list of suggestions. It's great that the involvement in this project is totally global. Cheers MarkSmile

Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Thu 1st Nov, 2007

See the old bulletin here: for the recent discussions!

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