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Wed 27th Jun, 2007

Ok well its kind of funny because the night i was creating this picture i ended up really ill lol ,the reason why i was ill is because Jamie oliver the food expert poisoned me theorecticly speaking. I had watch this program called the jonathan ross show and Jamie oliver was on it, Ross had brought out this mini cooker and they cooked up a meal ,it looked really nice so i thought hummm im gonna have a go at doing that..i did add some extra ingredients to it,which well i dont think i should have,as i was really ill, but i persevered even though it took me 4 hours or so to created the pic my arms were killing me and again inbetween being ill lol i managed to finish it ,and i was quite proud of myself as it was the first ever drawing i have done using comp tech..

this is an amazing project all of the pitcures are fantastic and wayyyhayy

we've beat the world record:)

Comments & discussion:

Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Thu 28th Jun, 2007

Ryan thanks for the comment

And yes it was terrible lol but it was just my luck for somthing like that to happen when i plan on doing somthing lol

And Paul also thanks for the comment and hahha i dont know from the childrens perspective if he is saving them ,most cant go a day without having chips or some really fatty substance food ,i think what jamie oliver does is good though...except when it interfered with my art work:Plol

Image 500000 Paul Fisher
Thu 28th Jun, 2007

Jamie Oliver might be trying to save children, but it sounds like he's trying to finish off the art community. Glad you persevered though!

Image 469638 Ryan Bauer
Wed 27th Jun, 2007

That's terrible, but I'm glad you made it through to show your vision.

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