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AuthorWinner’s speech
Maxim Naidenko

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Posted on 14-02-2007 03:19
Well i’m always watching and waiting until some of them will tell something’s like:
“well fellows i`m glad that you notice me however this is you awarding your test or my management work – so this is yours -` cause i`m just doing my job and all you can do for me is do your job as well as i and pay me bills to make me able to pay yours”
but no – they`re not saying anything even close – only:
thanks mom thanks dad, thank God…and bla bla bla…..
what the fuck!!!!!!O.k. O.k. – maybe your mom and dad would love to here it, but why here? – Why don`t you call them or say it face to face!? Why you should use TV for that? – `cause web cam not too clear for you?! Or you just don`t know how to use it?? Or you think God can be only reached by TV?!smiley Are you all crazy – wake up!!! Get real !!! – I mean that’s O.K. if that fucking Justine Timberlake, or what ever his name, will say so, but when RHCP folks do so!!?smiley – I`m confused!!! Guess that’s why Nick Cave or Tom Waits will never get Grammy – they’re and they fans know what to do instead of giving senseless speech or taking that grimy award!!? Or it`s Grammy??! ..Whatever!!?smiley
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AuthorRE: Winner’s speech
Super Administrator

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Posted on 14-02-2007 08:56
If I for some reason win an award for anything about anything, this is probably going to be my speech; "Hello, I'd like to thank my mama, and yo mama, and Jackie Chan... What's that ugly? yeah you in the front row! You wanna fight? I'll KILL you!..." and then I get to be on T.V. for a few more days, yaaaay! (insert grinning smiley here)
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