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Authorwhere can you buy art books?!
Morgan Addie Hallmark

Posts: 31
Joined: 16.02.07

Posted on 09-01-2008 14:52
I have a Barnes & Noble by my house but they're really expensive. A Half-Price Bookstore will be built soon, so does anyone know if they carry art books? Or, do you have any other suggestions? I need more brainfood or else my geek meter will start to dip.
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AuthorRE: where can you buy art books?!
Jo Vickers

Posts: 66
Joined: 31.10.07

Posted on 09-01-2008 16:16
I feel your pain, Morgan, I spend a fortune on books! is always my first port of call for cheap ones and for books that are hard to get hold of - especially if you don't mind second-hand (lots start from /$0.01).

Charity shops are good too, but they're a bit more hit and miss and there aren't so many of them in some areas.

There are also some excellent independent bookstores around and they leave you with a cleaner conscience than the huge corporate stores, so look out for those!

Most discount bookstores that I've seen have an art section, it might be worth waiting for that. Loads of options!

Sorry for the long rambling reply, I like books a lot =D
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AuthorRE: where can you buy art books?!

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Joined: 24.09.07

Posted on 11-01-2008 00:04
hehe, i love books too! the best art books ive ever found all together was at the musuem of modern art. Although they were expensive they were all different, modern and they were really thick... but yeah i couldn't buy any smiley

you basically just have to go into any book store you see cause theres always sales and things.

Online is always good, especially scince ur in america and you wont have to pay for over seas shipping and exchange rate. tho could be a prob if ur parents wont let u borrow their credit card!

oh yeah, you could always try the library, free books! smiley
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