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AuthorTranslation for comments & descriptions
Mark Watkinson

Posts: 35
Joined: 25.09.06

Posted on 19-09-2007 21:34
This is probably something that a lot of technical people know about already but having found a picture on the site where I didn't understand the artists profile in Italian I found this translation site useful:
It's probably not perfect but kinda gives you the general gist of the text and you can dump a block of text in at a time to translate. I also used it to reply in Italian to someone else who sent me a message so who knows what I've said or what trouble I'll end up in. smiley
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AuthorRE: Translation for comments & descriptions
Benjamin Wirtz

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Posted on 29-10-2007 00:51
Yes I use bablefish but sometimes it's translations a are a bit weird because not everything translates perfectly, but usually you get the general idea.
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