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Author(Suggestion) "Random Square" button
Super Administrator

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Posted on 25-12-2007 18:07
Many times I've wanted to just leave comments on random peoples' squares, and while I would be able to go into the "View Picture" tab and select a picture, i think that a link on the side to a random square would be easier.
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AuthorRE: (Suggestion) "Random Square" button
Sarah Edwards
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Posted on 15-01-2008 15:21
I like this idea. It gives people who perhaps are not all that active (so there isn't much evidence of them on the website, so to speak) a better chance of being "found" and commented which may encourage them to become more active. It also meanst that it would be easier for people to explore and find new squares instead of relying on links (such as favourites) from squares they have commented on.
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AuthorRE: (Suggestion) "Random Square" button

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Posted on 01-03-2008 22:50
Yeah, i was thinking about this earlier and was going to suggest it if it hadn't been suggested. i trawl the outskirts every few days or so but i came to this place rather late so i'm sure there're tonnes of great squares in the middle i'm missing.

Plus any extra tool for procrastination is always a bonus, right? smiley
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